New To Shogi?

If you are not familiar with the rules of shogi, don’t worry. You may find our information material helpful to get you started.

Shogi is known as the "Japanese Chess", and it has many features you will also see in traditional Chess, but Shōgi is in fact even more challenging! In Shōgi, once players capture an opponent’s piece, they can use that piece as their own—meaning that while Chess games on the whole get simpler as fewer pieces are left on the board, Shōgi games tend to get even more complex! Shōgi has a history that can be traced back over 1000 years! Shōgi is the "Game of Generals" and you will find lances, dragons, castles, kings...

We have assembled a comprehensive pdf document that you are welcome to download and print out. It has hopefully all you need to get started!

To give you a glimpse of how a game of Shogi plays out, and what a Shogi master would consider, please review the following tutorial:

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