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In the realm where silence reigns and minds dance,

Lies a game, Shogi, Japan’s nuance.

Born in the land where Sakura petals flow,

A testament to the wisdom of time ago.


On the checkered field, our armies stand,

Guided by the tactician’s deft hand,

Each pawn, knight, lance, silver, gold,

Moves by the plan that will slowly unfold.


Captured pieces, once lost, yet reborn,

Under a new banner, no longer forlorn,

A lesson profound, in failure and strife,

The game whispers – such is the rhythm of life.

A bishop’s influence, from corner to corner,

Stresses the impact of each decision’s order,

In the web of cause, effect, and repercussion,

Shogi mirrors life, in its subtle discussion.


In this game, a king may be confined,

Yet by his subjects, he is refined,

Just as in life, one’s success and failure,

Is shaped by others in their singular flavor.


Learning the art of strategy and foresight,

In the darkness, finding your own light,

Patience, resilience, grace in defeat,

Victory, a silent, humble treat.

Fosters creativity, nurtures the mind,

In each game, a new truth to find,

A simulation of battles, conflicts, and peace,

In its embrace, find a personal release.


Shogi, more than a mere game of checks,

A vessel of life, in wooden decks,

A silent teacher, an enduring friend,

A journey of self, with no defined end.


So step into this world, this silent fray,

Experience the dance of night and day,

In the lessons from Shogi, you may find,

An enlightened path, a tranquil mind.

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